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The archipelago becomes our inspiration to innovate continues to be an endless resource. We create ideas and technology for the better future of our lives and next generations. With sharp experience and analysis we can understand the business concept in Indonesia as well as possible. Archipelago DS always ready to be a partner in any era of change. Achieve the best quality with a professional expertise in creating an innovation and solution.


Design is important as it is a fundamental for the GRAND PLAN. Everything we build comes from great ideas that put through detailed design.


With the vision from grand design, we start to develop the system with precise technique and effective algorithm to assure the quality of the system.


Great system is nothing without continuous support and develop. So we are always giving the best support and make sure everything runs perfectly.


Our TEAM have already build some great mobile apps, website and system for our client from different business consentration. News portal, marketing apps, online directory, company profile, membership, and many more.
Here are some of our success story.


Mobile Apps


Mobile Apps

Membership Apps

Mobile Apps

Mobile Banking

Mobile Apps

Insurance Apps

Mobile Apps


News Website

Corporate Website

Company Profile Website

Rural Bank Profile Website

Company Profile Website

Digital Integrated System for Koperasi

Integrated System


Teamed up by practician that work on our skills, we are ready to deliver best solution to your business by our services

Incredible Websites

Website Development

We build a website that suit your business like "tailor made". We bring intelligent, modern, and professional image for your company.

Modern Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Growth your company value or build your business with modern mobile apps. With our services you can build a cross-platform mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Business System

Integrated System

Make sure all your business aspect running well with custom system that fit your company culture to improve productivity of your business.

Our Clients

We have great clients that believe in us and we help them to make their business runs more effectively

If you have brilliant ideas about your environment, make it happen with us, then your idea will be very meaningful for life. As well as the archipelago.
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